Frequently asked questions

Click on the ‘Sign Up’ link at the top of this page, and complete the application form.

Allow up to 3-working days for your application to be reviewed, however most applications will be processed within 24 hours.

For most of our brands it will require a website that is related to sports or betting in some way.

We will consider on a case by case basis – if you do not run a website please contact us prior to registering, so that we can discuss how you plan to promote our brands, as well as how your referrals may be tracked to you. It may slow down your approval process if we don’t know where or how you will be promoting our brands.

There are 2 brands: Draftstars & PlayUp.

Yes, in most cases we will approve affiliates to promote all brands both Draftstars and PlayUp

Net Revenue is the gross revenue minus: bonus bets, product fees, GST, chargebacks and any other expenses incurred by the brand.

Affiliates are paid monthly, by 15 business days from the end of the calendar month.

The minimum payment threshold is $100 AUD.

Australian dollars (AUD). For other currencies please contact us for more details.

All banners and text links are available when you log in to the affiliate portal.

If any additional banner ads are needed please contact your affiliate manager for assistance.

Earnings reports are available in the affiliate portal. Contact your affiliate manager if you require any assistance.

Yes, provided your affiliate manager has approved all websites.

When someone clicks on a link or views a banner on your website a cookie is dropped on their browser. This cookie tags them to your affiliate account so they can be identified as having come from your site.

Please contact us for details on how we can reward you for promoting PlayUp and DraftStars

We may consider this on a case by case basis. Contact an affiliate manager to discuss.

Each affiliate will earn the commission generated by the referral only at the brand that they referred them to.

Yes, if you link to all of our brands you can earn revenue across multiple bookmakers for the same person.

In cases like this the earnings will be offset against each other before earnings are calculated.

It is the fairest way to calculate the rewards.

No, you can only create 1 affiliate account.

Affiliates need to maintain active promotion and continue to refer meet our minimum activity requirements in order to be eligible for monthly payments.

There are very strict guidelines on the promotional offers that can be advertised by our affiliates. Affiliates cannot publish any first deposit bonuses, or advertise any other inducements to open a new betting account. Please contact us if you are unsure about whether or not something is permitted to promote on your website. 

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